Our mission is to drive sustainability in each operation to create less or no carbon footprint.

Our speciality is to grow LitopenaeusVannamei Prawns, which are well known as White Tiger Prawns and are mostly produced in Latin America and Far East Asia. Most of the prawns consumed in United Kingdom are frozen and now we want to change this by introducing our freshly grown prawns from the farm in the heart of Essex.

Our prawns are valued for its mild, sweet, and crunchy taste and has a significant place in every kitchen. We promise to deliver fresh harvest to plate in 12-18 hours whilst maintaining its freshness, texture, purity, and crunchiness.

We aim to replicate the natural habitat of the prawns by maintaining the salinity and temperature. Our facilities are fully regulated by CEFAS and enclosed to protect from external environmental influences. This ensures that our prawns are healthy and free from any antibiotics or chemicals.